The brand was created more than a year ago with the aim of creating a perfect speaker. We understood that people are different and each one of them has different needs but at the same time our aim was to create an affordable speaker. That has made our job pretty hard! After months of development, discussions, unslept nights and frustrations due to our highly-motivated team we succeed to build what we were aiming for:

A range of speakers perfect for every environment with an affordable price.



Since the beginning, we have been following four Core Values which guided our decisions and processes.
Open communication & Unity – Encourage directness, candor and diversity so that people and ideas thrive.
Positive Can-do Attitude – We maintain a positive attitude by always expecting the best possible outcome in every situation as we perform our responsibilities and interact with our colleagues and clients.
Growth – We are always getting better. Thirst for knowledge and demonstrate the skills needed to accomplish a chosen task.
Excellence -We do what we say we will do at the highest level possible. Strive for high working efficiency in everything you do.



Our team is always available.
If you have any questions in regards to our company and our products, don’t
hesitate and contact us through our customer service and we will answer you as fast as possible!

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